Lights and Sirens

More Scams Revealed In The Area

Scam AlertSheldon, Iowa — There are a couple of new scams floating around the area in recent days, and people are encouraged to be vigilant against those who would try to con you out of your money or private information.

The first involves a Sheldon lady who received a telephone call from someone claiming to be from Medicare or Medicaid.  The caller told the lady that they were going to deliver a package to her house, and that they would need to get into her home to update her Medicare/Medicaid information.  The lady did not fall for the scam, and reported it to the authorities.

The second recent scam involves another Sheldon lady who received a telephone call, supposedly from Dish Network, that her Dish system needed to be upgraded.  The caller said the upgrade would cost $150, and tried to persuade the lady that they needed her credit card information to proceed.  Thankfully, this lady didn’t give them the credit card information they asked for.  Instead, she called Dish Network to verify the situation, and was informed by Dish Network that it was, indeed, a scam.

Police say if you receive a call you believe to be a scam you should contact your local police.  Also, they advise that you guard against providing personal information, including Social Security numbers, and credit card information.

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