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Sanborn Man Arrested On Warrant For Alleged Involvement In Passing Fake Check At Sheldon Bank

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sanborn man has been arrested on a warrant for felony forgery charges after an incident at a Sheldon bank.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the O’Brien County Clerk of Court’s Office by the Sheldon Police Department, 24-year-old Dylan Bronson-Groen of Sanborn is accused of passing a fake check for cash in April of this year. He was arrested on the warrant on Sunday.

In his statement, the officer says Bronson-Groen tried to cash a fake check at People’s Bank in Sheldon. The officer says Bronson-Groen knew it was not legitimate. The officer tells us the check had the correct routing number for a bank in Pennsylvania and the name of an account holder there, but the wrong account number and a fake signature. The report alleges Bronson-Groen was the driver of the vehicle and agreed to bring two other defendants, Jesse Eldridge Jr. and Daniel Molenaar to the bank in exchange for a full tank of gas and a partial cut of the money from the check.

Bronson-Groen was charged with forgery, a class D felony. If convicted, Bronson-Groen could face up to five years in prison.

He faces a court date on September 5th.

Bronson-Groen was booked into jail and was released the same day.