Lights and Sirens

Sibley Pair Arrested In Lyon County

Lyon County, Iowa — A traffic stop has led to felony narcotics charges in Lyon County.

According to court records, a Lyon County Deputy pulled over a car on Highway 9 for a routine traffic stop. During the course of the traffic stop, authorities say they allegedly located three bags that contained approximately nine grams of marijuana, as well as two bags containing methamphetamine. In addition, deputies report allegedly finding a scale and drug paraphernalia.

Arrested in the incident were 34-year-old Pablo Marchessini and 40-year-old Anton Alsip, both of Sibley. According to authorities, the men face identical charges: Possession of Methamphetamine, 3rd or Subsequent Offense, which is a Class D Felony; Failure To Affix a Drug Tax Stamp, a Class D Felony; and Possession of Marijuana, 3rd or subsequent Offense, which is an Aggravated Misdemeanor.

Image courtesy of the Lyon County Jail – Marchessini (L), Alsip (R)

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