Lights and Sirens

Woman Injured In Gas Stove Explosion

Granville, Iowa — A woman was taken to an area hospital after she was burned in a gas explosion in Granville on Sunday.

According to Granville Fire Chief Karl Kellen, the Granville Fire Department and Ambulance Squad was paged to an address in northwest Granville for what was called a stove fire at about 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 17th.

Kellen tells us that an adult female was lighting an old gas stove, when a buildup of gas exploded, and she sustained burn injuries.

He says when the fire department arrived, there was basically no fire present. He tells us some curtains looked to have burned a little. According to Kellen, they checked over the house and made sure there was no fire present, they ventilated the gas and some smoke, and the Granville Ambulance Squad transported the woman to the Orange City Area Health System.

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