1-Cent Per Gallon Gas Surcharge May End January 1st

gas pumpNorthwest Iowa — Area motorists may pay slightly less in state taxes for each gallon of gasoline they buy, if a bill that’s been passed by the Iowa House becomes law.  A penny-per-gallon fee was established in 1989 to finance clean up of underground storage tanks that were leaking gasoline, diesel or oil.

Representative Walt Rogers, a Republican from Cedar Falls, says the clean-up of all those pre-1990 tanks is done, but lawmakers are leaving 42 million dollars in a fund for any tanks that may start leaking again.

The fee was charged to petroleum wholesalers, but Rogers and other legislators hope consumers see a tiny dip at the gas pump.

Three separate House committees unanimously approved the bill. It cleared the full, 100-member House Monday night on a 94 to zero vote. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.