UPDATE: 4th Avenue To Be Temporarily Closed

Update: We are now being told that Nohava Construction will be re-roofing the HC Lane building at 324 & 326 9th Street starting on the morning of 8/3/23, and they are now asking the City to close 4th Avenue for a very short time.

Nohava Construction tells us they would like 4th Avenue closed for no more than 24 hours between the intersections of 9th Street and the alleyway of 4th Avenue for demolition materials to be brought across the street safely to the dumpsters located in the city parking lot.

The street closing request is on the agenda for the Sheldon City Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, August 2nd, at 4:30.

The building’s owner, Whitehouse Properties of Le Mars, tells us they have now been informed that instead of the “several weeks” construction timeline that was estimated earlier, workers will be able to complete the project in only three or four days.
Original story, posted 7/31/23:
Sheldon, Iowa — The H.C. Lane building on the corner of 4th Avenue and 9th Street in downtown Sheldon will be getting a new roof. And that’s going to mean a sidewalk closing for a while.

According to Charlotte Holub-Kunkel of White House Properties LLC and Nohava Construction, the building will be re-roofed starting approximately 7 a.m. this Tuesday, August 1, 2023. They tell us the sidewalk directly below on the east side will be blocked for safety reasons. Also, several parking spaces on the west side of 4th Avenue will be blocked temporarily. They tell us the project will last several weeks.

Fourth Avenue — the street itself — the alley, and the sidewalk on the east side of 4th Avenue will remain open, says Holub-Kunkel.

Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker tells us it will be a minor inconvenience, but it is “much better than having to go through a demolition which would close an alley, two streets and permanently scar our downtown.” He goes on to say, “We are grateful for White House Properties’ investment in our downtown and in these 1901 era buildings. Five upper-story apartments are being planned of 800 square foot+, with commercial space below.”


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