2023 Ends With A Five-Year High In Iowa Fatal Crashes

Sheldon, Iowa — The good news is that as of the new year, we have a clean slate — a fresh start, if you will — to see if we can have fewer fatality crashes in Iowa.

Iowa State Patrol spokesperson Kevin Krull says the bad news is how we ended 2023.

He gives us a summary of 2023’s statistics.

“Live” being the operative word there. Krull says experts are still researching why 2023 was such a bad year for fatal crashes.

Krull says he and other troopers believe the legislature needs to change some laws as well.

He says if you look down at your phone at highway speeds, your vehicle has covered more than a football field in length in that short time. He says imagine how far you travel in the time that it takes to type a text. And your eyes cannot afford to be off the road for that kind of time.

Krull says people need to drive to save lives, drive to save time, and drive to save money. He says defensive driving is the kind of driving that everyone needs to do. Always be thinking about what you would do if any kind of thing you can think of went wrong.