Air Quality Alert issued for Northwest Iowa Until Tuesday Night

Northwest Iowa — If you’re sensitive to poor air quality, take note. Canadian wildfires are again affecting our air quality in northwest Iowa.

The Iowa DNR has issued an Air Quality Alert for the northernmost four tiers of counties west of I-35 as well as the northernmost tier of counties east of I-35 through 11 pm tomorrow. Smoke from Canadian wildfires has entered the region from the north and fine particulate levels at or above the national standard can be expected.

The DNR tells us they recommend that people avoid long or intense outdoor activities, and take more breaks during outdoor activities until air quality conditions improve. Members of sensitive groups may wish to take additional precautions. Sensitive groups include people with respiratory or heart disease, children, teenagers, the elderly, and outdoor workers. The alert will expire at 11 pm Tuesday night.

The alert is for the entire Iowa listening area of KIWA, including our four main counties, Lyon, O’Brien, Osceola, and Sioux.



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