All But One O’Brien County Elected Officials Have Filed Reelection Papers

O’Brien County, Iowa — All of the incumbent elected O’Brien County officials have filed for reelection, except one.

Incumbent Sheriff Allen Schuknecht tells KIWA that he’ll be retiring at the end of his current term. Schuknecht, who will be 67 by the time his term expires, was appointed as Sheriff to replace former Sheriff Mike Anderson, who retired in August, 2016. Schuknecht was elected to his current term in November, 2016. Chief Deputy Bruce Devereaux has filed papers to run for Sheriff, and will have his name on the Republican ballot for the Primary election to be held June 2nd. As of Friday morning (March 13th) Devereaux is the only candidate of either party to file papers to run for O’Brien County Sheriff.

All other incumbent O’Brien County officials whose terms expire this year, have filed papers seeking reelection to their current offices.

These incumbent O’Brien County officials are all up for reelection, and all have filed papers to get their names on the Republican ballot for the June Primary:

1st District O’Brien County Supervisor Sherri Bootsma, who is the Supervisor’s Chairperson.

2nd District O’Brien County Supervisor John Steensma.

3rd District O’Brien County Supervisor Nancy McDowell

O’Brien County Auditor Barb Rohwer

No other candidates had filed papers for these positions from either political party as of Friday morning.

Individuals who want to have their name on the ballot for the primary election must return their nomination papers by March 25th. The primary is scheduled for Tuesday June 2nd.


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