Alton Mural Honoring Luxembourg Immigrants To Be Dedicated September 27th

Alton, Iowa — A mural commemorating the arrival of Luxembourg immigrants in Sioux County in 1870 is complete, and a dedication ceremony has been scheduled.

The completed Lux Fest mural, located at 1002 Third Avenue in Alton, will be dedicated on Sunday, September 27th, at 11:00 a.m. Mural artist Amber Hansen will explain the symbolism within the mural and will dedicate it.

Hot dogs, chips, and water will be available for a free-will offering.

Judy Stokesberry with the Luxembourg Heritage Society of Northwest Iowa is one of the people helping with Lux Fest and the mural. She tells us how this all started.

(as said:) “It began as a part of our Lux Fest, which is a celebration of the arrival of the first Luxembourgers in northwest Iowa. And they arrived around Alton in 1870. And so this year is the hundred and fiftieth anniversary. And we started out by saying, ‘oh we should have a parade,’ and then, ‘well, maybe we should have a genealogical display’ and it built from there. One of our members has a daughter who is a professor at the University of South Dakota and Vermillion and she’s a painting professor and one of her specialties is doing community art and doing community murals. She’s also a dual citizen of Luxembourg. And so it just all kind of started to balloon from there. She designed a mural for us that will commemorate some of the special things that happened as Luxembourgers moved into the area. And as other people moved into the area and then kind of history of the community.”

Stokesberry tells us what the mural looks like.

(as said:) “It has a background of the state of Iowa because the settlers that we’re commemorating started in St. Donatus, Iowa …which is over right south of Dubuque… and came across Iowa in ox-drawn wagons. And like I said, settled around Alton. On the right-hand side, there are going to be a lot of symbols of the country of Luxembourg, which is where most of the settlers originated before they came to St. Donatus. And on the left-hand side are some corresponding symbols of Iowa. For example, the flower of Luxembourg is the rose and the flower of Iowa is the prairie rose. State birds are similar, you know, there are a lot of comparisons between that. And then to incorporate other things, she has some big, big butterflies and on the wings of the butterflies will be sketches of things that happened in Alton and in northwest Iowa.. like people farming… anything that people think is representative of their life and our lives now in this area.”

The mural is painted on the wall of the L & M Enterprises building at 1002 Third Avenue in Alton.

Photo caption: Reed Plathe primes the Lux mural wall in Alton

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