AMPI Sanborn Wins Unprecedented Cheddar Three-Peat

New Ulm, Minniesota — For the third time in as many years, a Mild Cheddar made by Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI) cheesemakers at the co-op’s Sanborn, Iowa, plant topped its class.
Experts say the three-peat is unprecedented in the highly competitive class that is part of the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest. An entry in the same class from AMPI’s Blair, Wisconsin plant placed second.

Dairy products made in AMPI’s dairy farmer-owned plants captured nine of the top awards presented at the prestigious competition that names North America’s best in dairy product categories. The 2016 contest attracted a record 1,130 entries.

AMPI’s Director of Public Affairs, Sarah Schmidt says that AMPI supplies cheese that can be purchased in local grocery stores under several different labels and enjoyed at restaurants. She says you can also purchase direct from AMPI at the Sanborn plant outlet store.
Photo: Members of the AMPI Sanborn Division team outside the cooperative’s cheese plant in Sanborn