Andringas Retire, Jurrens Buys Sibley and Ocheyedan Funeral Homes

Osceola County, Iowa — Jurrens Funeral Homes owners Jerry and Amy Jurrens have announced they have purchased the two Osceola County funeral homes from Larry and Lavonne Andringa.

Jerry Jurrens tells us more.

(As above) “We have purchased the funeral home from Larry and Lavonne in Sibley and Ocheyedan.”

Jurrens says Larry Andringa approached him, and indicated a desire to retire from the funeral business.

(As above) “Larry came to me and wanted to retire and asked if we would be interested in purchasing his business in Sibley and Ocheyedan. I felt like it was a good opportunity for us to provide services in Sibley as well as Ocheyedan.”

Jurrens says his team is looking forward to delivering the same type of service the communities have received from Andringa’s over the years.

(As above) “The opportunity that it presented itself. We are looking forward to serving all of the Sibley community and also the Ocheyedan community.”

He says Jurrens Funeral Home is excited to be a part of the Sibley and Ocheyedan communities.

(As above) “I’m excited to be part of those communities to serve them, to provide quality funeral service and memorialization.”

Jurrens Funeral Home already has a location in Sibley, and will fold the Andringa Sibley operation into their current facility. The funeral home in Ocheyedan will continue to be operated as Andringa Funeral Home, and Jurrens says the current Andringa Funeral Home telephone numbers will still be operational.

He says the Sheldon Andringa Funeral Home Sheldon Funeral Service was not part of Jurrens’ Andringa purchase.

Jurrens now owns nine funeral home locations in the region, served by his team of five Funeral Directors.

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