Art project will cover Sioux City Art Center in kaleidescope of colorful fabric

Sioux City, Iowa — A community project to temporarily cover the Sioux City Art Center with bright, colorful fabric is about to get underway.

New York-based artist Amanda Browder will spearhead the major installation that will ramp up during the festival known as Artsplash in September, and it will be revealed at Artsplash in 2024.

Browder’s project will be a huge undertaking that will involve gathering the fabric, then having community sewing days to create the massive cloth art installation that will cover the art center.

Browder hopes to have a lot of community input for the public sewing days events.

At the end, Browder wants people to be able to stand back, point to the colorful creation and say, “I made that!” Browder will return to Sioux City for this year’s Artsplash and hopes to meet and recruit many locals for the project.

The finished work will cover the art center’s atrium, glass hallway, brick, and a portion of the Gilchrist Learning Center. It will remain on the building for about two months and will create a stained glass, kaleidoscope effect within the art center. Anyone interested in sewing or donating fabric may contact the Sioux City Art Center or contact the artist online at Amanda Browder-dot-com.