Axne Hails Passage Of Public Safety Bills

Statewide Iowa — Third district Congresswoman Cindy Axne of West Des Moines is one of the Democrats who pressed for votes on a package of public safety initiatives that cleared the U.S. House September 22nd.

The package would provide money to recruit and retain officers and would set aside funding specifically for small police departments.

The House passed four different law enforcement measures. One would provide money to hire social workers to respond to 911 calls involving people in a mental health crisis.

The House also voted to increase federal funding for crime victim support services and provide grants to police and prosecutors to investigate sexual assaults, shootings and homicides.

There were some tense moments September 22nd as a few progressive Democrats refused to support bringing the bills up for votes, but after months of internal negotiations, a majority of House Democrats got the bills passed. Republicans in the House voted for some of the bills and opposed others. All three Republicans from Iowa voted for the Invest to Protect Act, to provide federal grants to police departments.



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