Candidates For Attorney General Debate Drug Policy

Des Moines, Iowa — The two candidates running to be Iowa’s attorney general for the next four years agree that drugs are bringing misfortune to many Iowans, but they offer different views on how to address the problem.

Republican candidate Brenna Bird says President Biden should secure the southern border to stop the flow of illegal drugs like meth and fentanyl.

Democrat Tom Miller says one reason he’s seeking an 11th term as attorney general is to finish work on the national settlement with opioid makers.

President Biden has announced he intends to pardon people convicted in federal court of marijuana possession and Biden urged governors to consider doing the same for marijuana possession convictions at the state level. Miller says maybe Governor Reynolds should consider pardons in a select number of marijuana possession cases.

Bird isn’t offering advice on whether there should be pardons for some marijuana possession convictions.

The candidates made their comments during a debate on KCCI Television in Des Moines.