Center Fresh CEO Thanks Community For Support

Sioux Center, Iowa — The bird flu epidemic continues to affect not only farmers and farm workers, but also northwest Iowa egg processing plants and their workers, truckers, and other associated personnel.
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Jim Dean, President and CEO of Center Fresh Group has released a statement about the issue.

He says first of all, he wants to thank people on behalf of the entire Dean family, Center Fresh partners and the Center Fresh Group team. He says that there are no words that adequately describe the outpouring of support and assistance that the Center Fresh family and employees have received from the Iowa communities they call home.

Dean says that these last few weeks have been terribly difficult for all who have a stake in egg farming.

He says those involved have dedicated an unprecedented amount of time and resources to a valiant fight against avian influenza — what he calls “the enemy we cannot see.” He says the losses have certainly been significant. Dean says he’s deeply proud of the Center Fresh team members, who have joined forces to address this challenge head-on, and who he says are demonstrating each day their individual and collective leadership.

Dean goes on to say:

“But at times of adversity like this one, one thing stands out: that is the strength of a community to come together, to stand united and to lift each other up in prayer. We have heard your prayers. We have appreciated your generosity as you provide volunteer hours, meals and much more as we navigate this serious situation.”

“I want to say with absolute certainty: We will recover, and we will rebuild. We will work tirelessly to restore our farms, to maintain our jobs, to resume operations as swiftly as we are able, and to remain a contributor to the local and state agriculture economies.

“While it won’t be easy, and while we don’t know exactly what lies ahead, please know that our commitment to Iowa’s egg farming community and to the future health and well-being of our hens is firm. Again, on behalf of all of us, thank you. Your support and caring have been invaluable during this time.”



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