City Attorney: Neither Side Pushing Sibley Smell Issue

Sibley, Iowa — We recently told you that we’re going to have to wait a while to find out what happens regarding the smell coming from the Iowa Drying and Processing or IDP plant in Sibley. The matter has been put off in the court system– until July 2017.
KIWA Radio had a chance to discuss the matter with Sibley City Attorney Harold Dawson. Dawson says that neither side is pushing the issue very hard at this point. He says IDP has agreed to only do limited drying at the plant from now on and not to do any rendered product, which he says is the product that people find the most offensive.

He says the plant does still cause offensive odors from time to time, and when it does, the city has been issuing a citation.

We asked him why the case was put off for nearly eight months in the court system. He says there’s no real reason on either side to wait until July except that both sides hope the plant will be sold before that time.

The original suit was The City of Sibley versus Iowa Drying and Processing. A counter suit was also filed by Iowa Drying and Processing against the City of Sibley, requesting that the court not allow Sibley to continue to cite IDP for nuisance violations. Court records indicate that the trials in both cases have been scheduled for July 18th, 2017.



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