Cliff St. Clair Recognized By His Peers

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon High School band director Cliff St. Clair is being recognized for his hard work and dedication to the Northwest Iowa Iowa Bandmasters Association (NWIBA), as well as music education in Iowa.

St. Clair was voted to receive the Karl L. King Distinguished Service Award.

(as said) “The Karl King is an award that is given every year,” St. Clair says “And what each district will do is have nominations and then select the candidate that will then be offered as a state candidate.”

The Karl L. King award is named after Karl King. A well-known band composer.

(as said) “He’s best known as a march composer, and kind of like a father of bands in Iowa.”

St. Clair was selected to receive this award for his dedication to the NWIBA. He is the current Research and Development Committee member, mentors young teachers in the district, and a long-time NWIBA High School Honor Band Committee member. This is St. Clair’s second time receiving this award, and he is honored.

(as said) “Well it’s a real honor, I mean, I have a lot of respect for the band directors that are in our district. We have some really outstanding band programs, and I just feel fortunate that people think I’m doing a good job.”

Not only is St. Clair reviving The Karl King. He is also nominated as a candidate for the Northwest Iowa Bandmasters Association President-Elect position.

(as said) St. Clair says, “The President-Elect is selected every year (and) is kind of like the assistant to the president, and the president’s job is to organize the conference in that’s Des Moins each year, and that means literally just about every detail.”

St. Clair wants everyone to know that he can’t take all of the credit for being nominated for this position and award.

(as said) “The fact that our band program has been pretty strong is not really a testament to me at all. I work with great students, and, you know, they’re the ones who have to do all the playing, they’re the ones who have to do the work, and they make me look good, you know. So the award, I think, is just as much a reflection on the students I work with.”

For Cliff St. Clair, many congratulations and well-wishing are in order.



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