Conditions At Site Of Silo Collapse Near Ashton Indicate Straight-Line Winds

Ashton, Iowa — Emergency Management and National Weather Service officials have determined that storm damage from a storm early Saturday morning near Ashton was due to straight-line winds.

According to Warning Coordination Meteorologist Peter Rogers with the National Weather Service’s Sioux Falls Forecast Office, the damage is estimated to have occurred at 5:26 a.m. at a location two miles north-northwest of Ashton in Osceola County. That’s between Nest and Nettle avenues on 220th Street.

Rogers says the damage included the toppling of a silo, large tree branches being downed, and a portion of a barn’s roof being ripped off.

He says while there were tornadic storms south of our region on Saturday NIGHT (not Saturday MORNING), this Saturday morning damage near Ashton was caused by straight-line winds.

He tells us they did check into the damage near Ashton, however.

If you ever have any damage that you want to report, feel free to contact the National Weather Service, and then, contact KIWA.


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