Crossroads Pavilion Board Begins Event Coordinator Search

Events Center 9Sheldon, Iowa — The Crossroads Pavilion Board, the group tasked with oversight of the soon-to-be-completed Crossroads Pavilion Event Center in Sheldon, is now accepting applications for a part-time Event Coordinator.

City Manager Sean Hutchison says that, at their meeting Wednesday night (April 12th), the Board approved the job description, and voted to begin a search for a part-time Event Coordinator for the facility.

In other action, Hutchison says the Board approved the Policies and Procedures for the facility.  Those Policies and Procedures may be subject to change as time goes on, however, according to Hutchison.

The Board also discussed a proposed rental fee structure for the facility, without reaching a final decision.  Hutchison says a group will meet this Friday, and will then bring suggestions to the Board at their next meeting.  He says the Board hopes to have the fee structure established and in place by May 1st.

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