Current phase of Iowa Capitol restoration due for completion Nov. 1

Des Moines, Iowa — Massive scaffolding is surrounding the Iowa Capitol as crews restore the four small domes that flank the taller golden dome in the center of the 137 year old building. Dan Larsen is project manager for Neumann Brothers — the general contractor.

Some of the scaffolding stretches 175 feet in the air.

OSHA inspects the maze of scaffold surrounding the Iowa Capitol once a month.

Crews thawed their gloves and hard hats on radiators inside the Capitol during the frigid days of winter. Larsen says spring brings more challenges in the form of rain and windier days.

The finials at the top of the four copper domes are being reguilded with gold. Holes in the copper outside and crumbling bricks inside the domes are being replaced. Crews are building new steel platforms inside the domes, too, along with a steel ladder to the lantens at the top.

There are four massive skylights in the building, too. Drainage, gutters and the frames are being replaced. This latest phase of Iowa Capitol restoration began in September of 2021 and it’s scheduled to be done November 1st. Larsen says it’ll take another couple of months to tear down all the scaffolding.



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