Cut Mosquito Population By Not Becoming A Mosquito’s Meal

Statewide Iowa — An Iowa State University mosquito expert says you really can make a difference in the amount of mosquitoes around your home.

Assistant professor of entomology, Ryan Smith, says mosquito populations are starting to pick up some in different areas of the state.

He says mosquitoes need to get blood from somewhere to help them reproduce.

So one way you can keep the female mosquito from reproducing is by not becoming a meal. Smith says you can do this by wearing repellent and proper clothing.

Most of the mosquitoes that are buzzing about now are what Smith calls nuisance species.

Smith says the mosquitoes that DO carry West Nile are already showing up in some places.

Smith’s studies of mosquitoes show that the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus are most prevalent on the western side of the state and the populations drop down as you get to central and eastern Iowa.



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