Dates Set In Crude Oil Pipeline Debate

Des Moines, Iowa — The Iowa Utilities Board has decided on a timeline for decision-making on the Dakota Access Pipeline Project, and a final decision is scheduled for this winter.
Welder Welding Pipes
The proposed $3.78 billion pipeline is to start in the Bakken/Three Forks oil fields in North Dakota, cut through South Dakota, enter northwest Iowa, starting near Inwood and heading southeast through Lyon, Sioux, and O’Brien Counties, on its way to to a terminus in Illinois, with various potential points of destination along the pipeline.

The first deadline is July 27, 2015. That’s the date by which those seeking to comment in the permitting process need to have filed their comments. By August 21, the board will issue a report identifying any matters Dakota Access needs to address in its testimony.

In the matter of the use of eminent domain, Dakota Access has until August 10th to file its initial exhibit. The report from the Utilities Board telling Dakota Access what matters it needs to address in its testimony needs to be complete by September 14th. Testimony for the use of eminent domain needs to be prepared by September 23rd.

Those for the pipeline need to submit their testimony by September 8. Those against, by October 12. By October 26th, those for the pipeline need to file any rebuttals.

The hearing, in front of the Iowa Utilities board — while it may not take that long — is set for November 12th through December 2nd.

The IUB hopes to make their decision in late December or early January, which is about the same time as the Illinois Commerce Commission and the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission make their decisions.



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