Deadline Is Nearing To Spend Your Sheldon Comeback Cash

Sheldon, Iowa — The deadline is drawing near for you to spend the Sheldon Comeback Cash you purchased last month.

$250,000 in Comeback Cash was sold at a 30% discount, with the City of Sheldon and the Sheldon Chamber & Development Corporation picking up the tab for the 30% discount. The Comeback Cash promotion was designed to help local businesses that were hurt when the COVID-19 pandemic had much of the retail community closed by a Gubernatorial Proclamation.

There was a time limit set for you to spend your Comeback Cash, and Sheldon Chamber Executive Shantel Oostra says the time you have to spend it is drawing to a close.

(As above) “Comeback Cash expires on July 30th, so it all needs to be spent by the 30th.”

Oostra says you have a great variety of Sheldon merchants who are participating in the Comeback Cash program.

(As above) “There are just over forty businesses it can be spent at. Anywhere from hair salons, to going out to eat, to many retailers in town. If you have house projects going on, both Neal Chase and Downtown Hardware are accepting it. Keep in mind (it can be used for) gift cards and putting money on your account.”

She says some businesses are offering extra discounts, on top of the discounted price of the Comeback Cash, as well as bonus giveaways.

(As above) “There are some businesses that are offering extra discounts. You can check out our Facebook page, and there’s also posters around town that state what those discounts are. So you’ll want to be sure to check those out, if there’s an extra discount or extra giveaway, or whatever. You never know what might be hiding there.”

As of Monday afternoon, about $203,000 in Comeback Cash had been spent, according to Oostra, which leaves approximately $47,000 that must be spent before it expires this Thursday, July 30th!


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