“Did You Know” Event To Look At Agriculture In Sioux County

Sioux Center, Iowa — An event is coming up next month that seeks to educate the community regarding agriculture efforts in Sioux County.

Organizers tell us that on Tuesday, August 17, Dordt University’s Agricultural Stewardship Center and the Sioux Center Public Library will host an event called “Did You Know.”

The event will be located at the Agricultural Stewardship Center. They tell us it will include a tour of the facility and its aquaponics program as well as other information about agriculture in Sioux County. Participants will also get to enjoy a pork entree with sides and dessert. Registration for the event is $5 and is limited to 60 participants.

Farm operations and management instructor at Dordt, Dale Vos, says he is delighted to partner with the Sioux Center Public Library to help educate Sioux County on what goes on with agriculture in the area.

He says that the event will utilize their campus resources and their agriculture community partners to build awareness and relationships in the non-agriculture community. Vos says that through this collaboration, Dordt will demonstrate their principle of being “good stewards of the land, people, and resources God has blessed our area with…”

The Sioux Center Library’s adult programmer Julie Kreun tells us that people need to be informed on how agriculture impacts the area in so many ways. She says, “I’ve lived in town my whole life and know so little about farming. I think it’s important people become conscious of the importance of farming. This is why the program is called ‘Did You Know?’”

Becky Bilby, director of the Sioux Center Public Library says, “We are pleased to show our community all the ways Dordt is working in our area to teach students about agriculture. It is so valuable to take time to showcase their hard work and help spread awareness.”

Vos says that the area’s agriculture and non-agriculture communities have a symbiotic relationship in Sioux County that is unique. He says that we need one another to build a thriving community that can model this partnership to other communities—to show that in working together, ag and non-ag communities can build stronger communities.

Registration closes August 17th. Click here for more information and to register.



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