DL, Vehicle Registration Deadline Extensions Set To Expire

Primghar, Iowa — Earlier this year, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, in a Disaster Declaration prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, extended the time available for renewal of expiring vehicle registrations, new vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, along with “Real ID” certification. Those extended deadlines are now rapidly approaching.

O’Brien County Treasurer Missy Hatterman says if you bought a new vehicle, or moved into the state during the period covered by the Governor’s proclamation, your deadline to title and register those vehicles is rapidly approaching.

(As above) “If you purchased a vehicle or moved into Iowa from March 16th to July 25th, you must apply for title and registration by August 24th.”

If your current vehicle registration expired during the proclamation period, your deadline to renew your registration is also approaching, according to Hatterman.

(As above) “If you have a registration that expired on January 31st, February 29th, March 31st, April 30th, May 31st, June 30th, or July 31st, you must renew your registration by August 31st.”

Hatterman says those who had a driver’s license expire during the pandemic proclamation period have a short time to get their license renewed.

(As above) “Driver’s licenses that expired beginning January 16th and during the proclamation, (the deadline to renew) has been extended through August 23rd.”

She says the “Real ID” certification deadline has been extended as well, but that deadline is still quite a ways off.

(As above) “The “Real ID” deadline is now October of 2021.”

As for CDL renewal deadline, Hatterman says they differ from the deadline for regular driver’s licenses. For more information on those deadlines, or with any questions, you can call the O’Brien County Treasurer’s Office at 712-957-3210.

She says now that the O’Brien County Courthouse has entered Phase II of their Reopening Plan, the Treasurer’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. You’ll need to enter the east entrance, and work with the county’s COVID-19 Screener. And masks are required. The screener will have one available for you, if you don’t have your own.



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