DNR Releases PFAS Testing Results

Des Moines, Iowa — The state has released the results of its public water testing for the chemicals known as PFAS.

The DNR’s Corey McCoid says this testing covers 116 water supplies in 99 communities.

Samples from the Mississippi River at Burlington, Davenport, and Keokuk had high levels. There were also high levels in Sioux City, Ames, and Central City, which are believed to be related chemicals in fire-training or fire-fighting activities. They are know as “forever” chemicals because they stay around for long time. This testing was done before the EPA’s recent announcement of its proposed drinking water standards, but McCoid says these tests fit in the guidelines.

McCoid says the communities are required to let water users know about the problem. He says water treatment plants are waiting for the final EPA rule approval so they know how to adjust their treatment practices.

He says options are available for individuals who have a concern about their water.

The chemicals are used in water-resistant, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant products such as carpets, clothing, fire-fighting foams and food packaging. Ingesting the chemicals may increase cancer risk. The complete summary and results of the PFAS testing can be found at iowadnr.gov.



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