Doctor: It Takes Some Time After Vaccination Series To Be Immune

Sheldon, Iowa — Well, you’ve had your COVID shot. So, you’re immune, right? Well, there are a few factors left to contend with.

Sanford Sheldon Physician Dr. Ryan Becker tells us there are three vaccines available.

(as said) “There are three different manufacturers when it comes to the COVID vaccine itself. The first being Pfizer. The next one is Moderna. So both of those are going to be your two-shot mRNA vaccine types. And then the third one that just recently got approved by the FDA for emergency use a couple weeks ago or so… the Johnson and Johnson one, and that’s a one-shot  dose and that’s a little bit different than your mRNA vaccines. Currently, we have three out there two of which are the two-shot and one is the one-shot. “

He says the path to immunity is a little different with each one.

(as said) “The Pfizer vaccine is two shots separated by three weeks. And then Moderna is two shots separated by four weeks essentially and there’s this thought that after one shot somewhere in the range of whether it be 50 to 80% immune after about two weeks, but the second shot gives you kind of that extra booster. And so then after the second shot approximately two weeks after — we would consider the patient’s immune and with Moderna and Pfizer is about… so you’re… quoting somewhere anywhere from 94 to 95 percent effective and even after I got my Moderna shot, I thought it was about three or four weeks later. I gave blood with American Red Cross and sure enough. My antibodies were reactive. So I had antibodies there too. The Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine… same kind of thing… they estimate about two to three weeks after they would be considered immune.”

But, he says there is another difference with Johnson & Johnson.

(as said) “Now that one there are quoting somewhere in the range of 70 percent effective, but nearly 100 percent effective in preventing hospitalizations and moderate to severe cases of COVID. So kind of a little bit different kind of view at that. Whereas about 70% effective compared to your 95% effective with Pfizer and Moderna, but the Johnson & Johnson is certainly very effective in preventing you from having to go to the hospital when it comes to severe cases.”

Becker tells us what vaccines are being administered in northwest Iowa.

(as said) “Currently we have Moderna here locally in O’brien County some of the pharmacies there’s a little nuances within… whether it be through HyVee — or CVS or Walgreens. Some of them will carry and distribute Pfizer, but currently right now at public health… we’re getting Moderna vaccine.”

But, he says they also hope to begin giving the one-dose vaccine.

(as said) “We hope that we will be getting the Johnson & Johnson… whether it be towards the end of this month or early April to be able to start giving that out. So that one’s still pretty limited. I know that some surrounding counties such as Sioux County did receive some here a couple of weeks ago when it comes to Johnson & Johnson and that was just… having talked to the state… that was more so intended for those counties that have large manufacturing plants and businesses. So they wanted to kind of direct those. I think they hit 17 counties amongst our counties across the state.”

Becker says they receive about 200 doses a week in O’Brien County, most of which are distributed by public health. But they do get some doses at Sanford Sheldon, so if you are in one of the groups who are eligible for vaccine and you are a Sanford patient, you could call both or either O’Brien County Public Health or Sanford Sheldon. The newest group of eligible people are those younger than 65 who have one or more other conditions. Some of the conditions include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, down syndrome, pregnancy, and more.

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