UPDATE: (with comments from Dorr)- Dorr Found Guilty, Fined For Burning Library Books

Orange City, Iowa — An Ocheyedan man who had been accused of burning LGBTQ books borrowed from the Orange City Public Library has been convicted of 5th Degree Criminal Mischief in Sioux County Magistrate Court.

According to the Sioux County Attorney’s Office, 63-year-old Paul Robert Dorr, of Ocheyedan, was convicted and sentenced Tuesday in Sioux County Magistrate Court for the crime of Criminal Mischief in the Fifth Degree, a Simple Misdemeanor.

The Sioux County Attorney’s Office says the case arose on October 19, 2018, when Paul Dorr live-streamed a video of himself on social media burning controversial books owned by the Orange City Public Library. The Orange City Police Department charged Dorr with Criminal Mischief in the Fifth Degree, alleging he intentionally destroyed another’s property, and Dorr pled not guilty demanding a jury trial.

During the case Dorr filed: a motion to dismiss alleging selective prosecution, a notice of defense of necessity, a motion to continue the trial, a motion to suppress evidence, a renewed motion to dismiss, a motion for change of venue, and two motions to have Magistrate Mazurek recused. The Court denied all Dorr’s motions.

On August 3rd, Dorr waived his right to have the case decided by a jury, and on Tuesday, the matter came to trial before Magistrate Mazurek, who found Dorr guilty and sentenced him to a $65.00 fine, including a 35% ($22.75) surcharge, and $60 court costs, according to Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle.

Later Tuesday, Dorr released the following via email to “media, friends, et al.”

“I was found guilty in Sioux County District this morning by Magistrate Judge Lisa Mazurek. I offered no defense for my actions as prior to the trial per the Sioux County Attorney’s request Mazurek denied my ability to argue the nature or cause as to why I burned the books. Due to this order and restrictions on what I was allowed to say in Court I waived my right to jury trial. County Attorney Kunstle because of my “brazenness” recommended the highest fine ($650) allowed, plus court costs, under Iowa law but would waive the jail time. Stating that she could not find any prior criminal conduct on my record (other than a few speeding tickets) she gave me a $65 fine plus court costs. (Thank goodness she must not have looked too far back as I’ve got several trespass convictions in Atlanta, Omaha, Des Moines, Sioux Falls and near Springfield, MO for blocking doors to abortion clinics back in the 1990s.) None of these officials seem the lease concerned about the souls of the children of Orange City which the public library board are attacking. God have mercy on them and all of us. I had a brief but good interview with NPR out of Kansas City, MO.”

Attached to Dorr’s email was a Press Statement. That may be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

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