Area Company Helps Environment By Making Eco-Friendly Fuel

poet logoAshton, Iowa — Earth Day is an annual day set aside to motivate people to take action regarding environmental issues.  Earth Day observations began in 1970, and have grown since then.  This year’s Earth Day is scheduled for this Friday, April 22nd.

One local business creates a product that cleans the environment every single day.  Danny Clayton is the Manager of POET Biorefining’s Ashton facility, and he tells us that the product POET produces is tremendously environmentally friendly.

Clayton says one of the easiest ways you can help protect the environment is by selecting the right nozzle at the gas pump.

He says the Ashton plant produces large amounts of a fuel that is the very definition of environmentally friendly.

Clayton says ethanol not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but has other advantages, as well.

He says POET employees are very proud of what they do to support the environment, as well as area farmers.

Clayton says that using ethanol blended fuel can cut greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 34%, and replaces toxic chemicals that have been proven to cause smog.  He says the POET plant at Ashton, along with the other plants producing ethanol, are providing a positive impact for the environment, as well as drivers around the world.