East Students Greeted By “Elf On The Roof”

Elf 1Sheldon, Iowa — “Elf On A Shelf” has become a Christmas tradition over the past few years.  Sheldon East Elementary students were treated to a twist on that theme when they arrived for class this morning.

Elementary Principal Jason Groendyke greeted students as an “Elf On The Shelf, On The School”.  The principal, decked out in an Elf On A Shelf costume was seated on the roof of the school building, above the main entrance, holding a sign that read, “Merry Christmas!  This school is under elf supervision”.

Groendyke says the idea came in the form of a challenge from another Sheldon teacher, that was posted on Facebook.

He says he took the bait, not thinking that a costume would be available.

Groendyke says the reactions of his students when they saw him on the roof made it all worthwhile.

He says he spent half an hour on the school’s roof this morning, which was enough time for his fingers to get cold.

Groendyke says the kids really enjoyed seeing him up there, and he thought it a great way to start their last day before the Christmas break.

The principal says he’s starting to warm up after coming down from his perch, and that when he finishes that he’ll start thinking up a stunt with which he can challenge the fellow teacher who challenged him to perform today’s stunt.

Incidentally, while Groendyke was on top of the school, his office staff and teachers gift-wrapped his office.  From the door, to the desk, to everything in the office got gift-wrapped.  Merry Christmas, Mr. Groendyke.

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