Expert: It May Hit 100 Today So Take Special Care With Your Fur Babies

Statewide Iowa — Forecasters say many Iowa cities will see high temperatures hit 100-degrees today (Thursday) and that heat will be tough on people — and pets.

K-C Routos, director of development at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, says despite all of the warnings, some pet owners will still leave their animals locked in the car with a window cracked as they run an errand, which could quickly become a deadly mistake.

If you’re in the parking lot and spot an animal inside a locked vehicle, Routos says to contact the police, especially if the animal is showing signs of heat stress.

If you know you’ll be getting out of your vehicle for any period of time, she says it’s a much safer bet just to leave your pet at home when it’s this hot. On that topic, if your dog or cat is staying home in this heat, make certain they have access to water, and don’t leave them fenced in or chained up outdoors.

Many dogs love to go on walks, but during a heat wave, it’s wise to limit their time outdoors, perhaps just to walks in the morning and evening when it’s cooler. Routos says to test the sidewalk before bringing Fido out on a leash.

If your dog is spending a lot of time outside, she says to keep them out of direct sunlight or consider using a sunscreen for dogs. Also, certain animals are more sensitive to heat, especially short-nosed dogs and cats, and domestic rabbits. Find more tips at: