Favorable Weather Pushes Harvest Along, Soybeans About Done

Northwest Iowa — Dry and warmer-than-normal temperatures last week provided a boost for harvest.

According to the latest crop progress report for Iowa from the USDA, corn harvested for grain statewide went from 42 to 62-percent. In northwest Iowa, 63-percent of corn has been harvested for grain.

The soybean harvest is getting close to the finish line, as the number statewide went from 74 to 87-percent. Soybeans in northwest Iowa are even closer to being done, with 93-percent harvested.

Topsoil in northwest Iowa that’s either short or very short of moisture held steady at 32-percent. Northwest Iowa subsoil that’s short or very short of moisture is also the same at 60-percent.

Just over five days were suitable for fieldwork last week in northwest Iowa, with closer to six days suitable statewide.


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