Feenstra, Other Iowa Reps Say The Thing For Rep. Santos To Do Is Resign

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Randy Feenstra of Hull says the right thing for New York Congressman George Santos to do — would be to resign.

In a social media post, Feenstra says Santos “…has proven that his ethics do not align with what we expect from our leaders. In light of the Ethics Committee report, I will vote to expel him from Congress for his illegal and unethical behavior should he choose not to do the right thing and resign.”

Congressman Zach Nunn of Bondurant says a report from the House Ethics Committee shows New York Congressman George Santos has not lived up to the ideals of honesty and transparency that Americans deserve from their elected representatives. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Marion says Santos conduct was illegal and unacceptable. The ethics panel’s report found Santos blatantly stole from his campaign fund and lied about his background. Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks of LeClaire says if Santos doesn’t resign, the House should vote to expel him.

Nunn, Hinson and Miller-Meeks posted their statements on social media shortly after the House Ethics Committee released its report on
Thursday. Feenstra waited until Friday to post his statement.

At the beginning of the month, all four Iowans who serve in the US House voted against a resolution to remove Santos from office — joining the majority of House Republicans who said they were waiting on the Ethics Committee report before making a judgment. Santos has said he will not seek reelection in 2024, but he has refused to resign.



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