Feenstra Talks With Northwest Iowa Healthcare Administrators

Northwest Iowa — Iowa Fourth District Congressman, Randy Feenstra, toured the Siouxland Community Health Center in Sioux City Thursday and then participated in a policy discussion with administrators and board members. He says lowering the cost of medications is the biggest concern.

(As above) ” I think that’s one of the biggest problems we have right now. Goes and sees a doctor and they get prescribed drugs to help them and yet those drugs could be 500 to 700 dollars. That’s just something we need to work on, both state and federally,” according to Feenstra.

The Hull Republican says the federal congressional delegation is working to get more doses of the COVID vaccine to Iowa.

(As above) “And even in the legislature and our governor — I think we are doing everything absolutely possible to get more vaccines here in Iowa. And rural Iowa. I mean it’s so easy to get it in communities — and we also need to make sure it’s getting driven out to the towns of 500 or one-thousand or whatever it may be,” he says. 

Feenstra also talked about the president’s flurry of executive orders that have included restoring the Affordable Care Act.

(As above) “The one good thing about the Affordable Care Act is the preexisting conditions. We want to be sure everybody is covered and if they have a preexisting condition they can go on the website and get coverage, that is so key,” according to Feenstra. “But I will say this — there are three legs of government, there’s the legislative, executive and judicial branch — to me, it’s so important that the legislative branch do their jobs instead of having the executive branch doing all the executive orders.”

Feenstra is currently pursuing a doctorate in health care administration while serving in Congress.