Feenstra: Very Little Of Latest COVID Relief Money Actually Goes To COVID Relief

Washington, D.C. — President Joe Biden signed a nearly two-TRILLION dollar COVID-19 relief package on Thursday, after it was passed in Congress a day earlier. But 4th District Iowa Congressman Randy Feenstra says very little of the money from that bill is actually going for COVID relief.

(As above) “There have been so many big issues that have come down, obviously the biggest concern was this alleged COVID bill, and I just want to make sure everybody’s clear on this, it’s about a two-trillion dollar bill that got passed on Wednesday and nine percent, only nine percent of it went to help COVID relief.”

The Hull Republican says much of the money is actually going to bail out what he called, “irresponsible states.”

(As above) “All the other dollars go to help other things. And this is a big deal…we, as taxpayers in Iowa, we pay taxes to the federal government and to our state, (in) our state we are fiscally responsible, we make sure that we don’t spend more than we take in…our pension systems are secure. But you have states like New York and California and Illinois that have, over the years, been completely irresponsible…close to bankruptcy before COVID hit…so what do we do? We create a two trillion dollar bill, and a large percentage of that money is going to help bail out their budget, and that’s just shameful…and bail out their pensions. So it’s Iowa’s money, we being responsible, and yet that’s where the money’s going to… the irresponsible states.”

That’s why Feenstra says he was a resounding NO vote on the bill when representatives cast their votes on the measure.