First RiseFest 2021 Artist, Ticket PriceSlide Announced

Northwest Iowa — Tickets are now on sale for RiseFest 2021, the Christian music festival held every June in Sheldon.

Rise Ministries is the parent organization of RiseFest, and founder and president Rob Roozeboom says you can take advantage of a very special price on tickets right now.

(As above) “Through the weeks of November you can help drive the price down and get the cheapest tickets possible to RiseFest, through the end of November.”

Roozeboom says RiseFest tickets make great stocking stuffers.

(As above) “I actually got a text just the other day  saying, ‘are RiseFest tickets on sale yet?’ and that exact reason was brought up, it’d be good for some Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.”

RiseFest 2020 wasn’t held this past June due to the pandemic, and Roozeboom says your 2020 tickets will be honored for the 2021 festival and some of the artists who had been scheduled to perform this past summer at RiseFest will be appearing at the 2021 festival..

(As above) “Not ALL of them, but some of them and we’ll be announcing which ones we’re able to keep in the following weeks and months coming up. So, if you already have your tickets, you of course will be able to roll those over to 2021. But here’s your opportunity to: A, if you didn’t get enough tickets; B, if you didn’t buy any tickets, it’s an awesome time to get tickets right now because you can drive that price down as low as…we’re going to go as low as the price slide last year.”

In addition to the PriceSlide, he also announced that We The Kingdom will make their first appearance on the RiseFest stage at the 2021 festival.

(As above) “They are a hot new band that is out. They have been blowing up the charts. They have a song called ‘Holy Water’. We met them, I believe it was either one or  two years ago in Nashville. It’s a family affair, kind of. It’s two brothers, Ed Cash and Scott Cash, Ed’s daughter Franni, son Martin and dear friend Andrew.”

Roozeboom says he’s excited about We The Kingdom appearing at RiseFest 2021.

(As above) “If you haven’t heard them, they’re an amazing worship band and we are SO excited to say they’re coming to RiseFest for the first time. So, (RiseFest) 2021…first artist announcement…’We The Kingdom'”

RiseFest 2021 is scheduled for Friday, June 11th and Saturday, June 12th at the RiseFest grounds in northeastern Sheldon.

For more information, or to take advantage of PriceSlide tickets, visit

Photo courtesy of Rise Ministries.

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