Give Stress A Rest Seminar Coming Up

Sheldon, Iowa — A special seminar talking about ways you can beat stress in your life is coming up on Wednesday, April 29th at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon.
Steve Siemens
It’ll run from 9 AM to 3 PM, and it’s geared toward health care providers, volunteers and family care givers, but is open to anyone.

Steve Siemens of Siemens People Builders is the speaker. He says the session will give you the tools and skills to take your work to the next level, help you see the “big picture” of what positive attitudes and teamwork can do, and re-energize you with greater passion and satisfaction.

He says he’ll talk about 12 ways to heal the stress around you.

Siemens says not only will you learn something, it’s all wrapped in humor, so you’ll have a good time too.

For more information, you can call NCC at 712-324-5061.

The seminar is sponsored by Baum Harmon Mercy Hospital, Sanford Sheldon, The Beecin Foundation, and Northwest Iowa Community College.

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