Golden Easter Egg Hunt Starts Friday

Sheldon, Iowa — A long-standing Easter season tradition will take place once again this year in Sheldon.  The 23rd Annual Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation Golden Easter Egg Hunt is right around the corner.

SCDC Chamber Executive Allison Cooke tells us what the Golden Easter Egg Hunt is all about.

Cooke says if the egg is found on the first day, the prize will be $750 in Sheldon Dollars, with the prize dropping each day that the egg remains undiscovered.

She says the first clues for this year’s hunt will go out this Friday morning.

Cooke says the Golden Easter Egg Hunt has become a much-loved tradition in Sheldon, and she says it’s fun to watch people hunt for the elusive egg each year.

She says the Golden Easter Egg will be hidden on public property, and that no digging will be required to locate and recover it.  She stressed that it will not be on anyone’s private business or residential property.

A new clue can be found daily at 10 am at each participating business, listed below.

Golden Easter Egg Hunt