Governor Completes Action On All Bills Passed By Legislature This Year

Des Moines, Iowa — Governor Kim Reynolds has completed her review of the bills that passed the Republican-led 2023 Iowa legislature and signed all of them into law.

Reynolds approved 67 bills yesterday (Thursday). One requires both of Iowa’s major political parties to conduct their Caucuses in person, although some Democrats have said there may be a legal challenge to the law.

Democrats have been planning to cast their presidential preferences by mail rather than on Caucus Night. The Iowa Democratic Party’s chairwoman says the party is committed to holding the most inclusive caucus in history, no matter what.

Another state law that takes effect July 1st makes Iowa households with 15 thousand dollars worth of assets that can quickly be converted into cash ineligible for food stamps. The asset test for SNAP benefits does not include the value of a home or a vehicle.

Reynolds also approved bills outlining the state’s eight-and-a-half billion dollar budget, with two item vetoes.