Governor Declares This Saturday ‘Carson King Day’, Honoring Impromptu Fundraiser

Des Moines, Iowa — (RI) — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has declared this Saturday “Carson King Day” in honor of the former Iowa State University student who’s now aiming to raise two MILLION dollars for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital by this weekend.

King, who is 24 years old, held up a humorous sign seeking beer money during ESPN’s “College Game Day” broadcast before this year’s Iowa-Iowa State game in Ames. Donations poured into his Venmo account and King soon announced he’d donate the money to the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City.

King was invited to attend the event and he watched as the governor signed the proclamation in his honor. His impromptu fundraiser ends this weekend. King and his family have been given tickets to Saturday’s game in Iowa City, so he can witness the crowd do “The Wave” to children in the hospital that overlooks the stadium.

Reynolds praised King for being a “force for change.”

The crowd gathered around the governor’s desk included King and his family, as well as a group there to see the governor recognize September as “Childhood Cancer Awareness” month.

The governor got her own phone out to take a selfie with King. And King showed the governor his fund raising tally had reached the one-and-a-half MILLION mark.

Photos of the event may be viewed below………………….

King Displays the Governor’s Carson King Day Proclamation

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Carson King and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg

King shows Governor Reynolds His Up-To-The-Minute Fundraising Total

King Takes A Selfie With Governor Reynolds and the Carson King Day Proclamation



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