Governor Issues Moratorium On Development Of State Government Rules

Des Moines, Iowa — Governor Reynolds has issued a moratorium on new rule-making by state government agencies.

After the governor signs laws passed by the legislature, state administrators draft rules to implement those laws.

Reynolds has directed state agencies to review every rule and regulation they have on the books today, make a cost-benefit analysis and repeal those that have an undue economic burden.

Representative Megan Jones of Sioux Rapids will become chair of the legislative panel that reviews proposed state government rules and regulations in February.

Since 2013,  Jones, who is an attorney, has been on the legislative committee that can approve or reject proposed state government rules. Jones says during that first year, the far reach of state government rule-making became clear.

Governor Reynolds says this initiative to freeze the development of state government rules is paired with her plan to consolidate state agencies. She says these two proposals will minimize the burden of state government regulation.