Hefty Seeds Expanding East of Sheldon

20160128_113348_resizedSheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon business will be breaking ground this spring for a new facility located just east of the city.

The Hefty Seeds dealership has outgrown their current facility on Western Avenue in Sheldon, and has acquired a tract of land on the southeast corner of the Highway 18 / Marcus (L36) Blacktop intersection.  Adam Sauer of Hefty Seeds says the new location will help them greatly expand their operation.

He explains the exact location of the new site.

Sauer says the new location will allow them space to do some things they haven’t been able to do previously.

He says it’s become obvious in the past few years that their current location is just no longer large enough to serve the needs of their customers.

Sauer talks about the timetable for their relocation.

He says he is excited to keep moving forward.

The Hefty Seed dealership has been in business in Sheldon since 2000.



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