Highway 75 Construction Moving Forward In Sioux Center

Sioux Center, Iowa — Work is moving forward on the Highway 75 construction project in Sioux Center. The Godbersen-Smith paving crew is laying down concrete for Phase 1 on the west lanes of Highway 75.

Officials tell us that last week, they started near 20th Street South and worked north toward 16th Street South. Then they moved their equipment to 13th Street South and are working south toward 16th Street South.

From there, they’ll pave 16th Street Southwest from Highway 75 to the four-way stop by Walmart. After this, they say there will be smaller connections to pave. All of this paving will take a few weeks.

We’re told that once the west lanes of Highway 75 are completely paved and ready to use, traffic will shift from where it is now (east lanes) and will begin using the new pavement. With traffic moved to the west, a crew will remove the old pavement on the east lanes.

Officials say that the east lanes have less utility work than the west side – mainly storm sewer. Utility work on this side should take less time than the west lanes. Paving for the east lanes is slated for late October or early November of this year.

Median work, including paving colored concrete and adding plantings, will take place in spring and early summer of 2024.

The City says the 2.5-mile Highway 75 reconstruction will replace the deteriorating pavement and rebuild it with a design focused on safety and function, “showcasing Sioux Center’s character, to serve the community for decades.” The project is a shared one between the City of Sioux Center and the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Courtesy Community First Broadcasting Station KSOU Radio in Sioux Center



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