HMS Building Project Update

Hartley, Iowa — The summer construction at the Harley Melvin Sanborn school system is on track.

Superintendent Patrick Carlin says the brand new elementary next to the high school is progressing nicely.

(as said) “The new Elementary, which should be completed here hopefully the first week of August, that’s a whole new building, that they started construction on over a year ago.”

Carlin also gave us an update on the demolition happening at the middle school and when it is expected to be completed.

(as said) “The Middle School, we had demolition occur on that last week, so that is actually no longer in existence. We did maintain a newer portion that was constructed several years ago, that remains, but the majority of the building has been demoed, so we got that project starting, and we’ll hopefully get that project wrapped up in a year or so.”

Middle School classrooms have been relocated to the old elementary building in Hartley while the new middle school is built in Sanborn.

The High-school is also receiving some renovations to it’s main building as well.

(as said) “And then the High school.” Carlin says “They were looking at a new kind of commons area, we did a refresh there, a refresh on the library, a refresh in Industrial Tech, then installed some HVAC units in all of our classrooms so they could be climate controlled, and a new roof as well.” 

Carlin says it’s not yet determined what will become of the old elementary building when 5th through 8th grades shift back to their permanent home in Sanborn.



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