Horses, ATVs, Side-By-Sides Invited To Fun Ride Fundraiser For Hope Haven Saturday

Rock Valley, Iowa & Avon, SD — It’s almost time for an adventurous fundraiser for Hope Haven.

Mark Siemonsma, the Director of the Rock Valley-based Hope Haven Support Foundation tells us about the Talsma ATV & Horse Ride Benefit coming up this Saturday, September 16th. He says it’s been an annual event for several years.

Organizers tell us participants take their own ATVs, side by sides, dirt bikes, or horses, as there are no rentals. (ATVs, side by sides, and dirt bikes will be in separate areas of the park than the horse ride). They say the trails range from easy to extreme, and include climbing hills, creek crossings, scenic river bluffs, open prairies, and river bottom terrain.

He tells us how the fundraiser works.

Siemonsma tells us where the money goes.

All you have to do is show up at Talsma’s Trail Park near Avon, SD. It’s basically 35 miles west of Yankton, SD. Siemonsma tells us your GPS will probably know right where it is.



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