Hospers Farmland Sells For $17,300 An Acre

snow field_sxcHospers, Iowa —  Despite low agricultural commodity prices, northwest Iowa farmland still seems to be in high demand — with buyers willing to pay near-record prices.

At a Sioux County land auction held recently near Hospers, a tract of 154 acres sold for more than 17-thousand dollars an acre. Jim Klein of Remsen was the auctioneer for that sale.

Klein says “local people” were bidding for the ground and it was sold to a neighbor who owns land across the road. In addition to row crops, Sioux County has a number of livestock and poultry operations and Klein believes one reason for the high demand for land in the area is so farmers have somewhere to spread their manure.

You may recall that a parcel of Sioux County land near Boyden sold for nearly 22-thousand dollars an acre about two years ago, the all time record price for Iowa farm ground.