HUD Secretary, A Retired Surgeon, Says Vaccines Will Let US ‘Move On’ From Pandemic

Statewide Iowa — A world-famous surgeon who entered politics a few years ago says Americans can and should trust any COVID vaccine that’s approved for use in the United States.

(as said) “Would you rather continue with Covid-19 controlling your life or would you like to get to the other side of this and move on?”

That’s Ben Carson, the current U.S. Housing Secretary who was in Iowa on Tuesday. Carson, who retired from medicine in 2013, says the federal government requires rigorous trials for vaccines.

(as said) “All focused on getting something that’s safe, but effective,” Carson says.

Carson was a pioneer in the field of pediatric brain surgery and is the only person to successfully separate twin babies who were conjoined at the back of the head. Carson ran for president in 2016. He finished fourth in the Iowa Caucuses.



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