Iowa Has ‘Front Row Seat’ As 2024 Presidential Campaign Intensifies

Des Moines, Iowa — The 2024 Iowa Caucuses are now a little less than six months away and the intensity of the GOP presidential contest is growing.

Two thousand evangelical Christians heard from six candidates Friday in Des Moines. Former Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson interviewed each candidate onstage, with the war in Ukraine as the top topic. Bob Vander Plaats is president and CEO of The Family Leader, the group that hosted the event. He urged the crowd to look for an authentic candidate who meets the highest standards.

Vander Plaats has said it’s time for the GOP to turn the page from former President Trump. David Johnson of Grimes, who attended Friday’s Family Leadership Summit, says he’s tired of the way Trump is acting these days.

Trump is due in Cedar Rapids tomorrow (Tuesday) to tape a program with Sean Hannity that will air on the Fox News Channel. It’s Trump’s first appearance here after complaining last week that Governor Kim Reynolds is maintaining neutrality in the 2024 presidential race, after he set her up to be governor in mid-2017 by naming Terry Branstad U.S. ambassador to China. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says some of the Iowans he met this weekend were riled by Trump’s remarks about Reynolds.

DeSantis has joined the list of candidates who say they’ll visit each of Iowa’s 99 counties before the Caucuses.



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