Iowa House Votes To Give The Kids A Pass On Lemonade Stand Regs

Statewide Iowa — (RI) — A few kids who’ve operated lemonade stands in Iowa have had a sour experience — with the law. Representative Ray “Bubba” Sorenson of Greenfield says that’s because the iconic child-run lemonade stand is technically illegal in Iowa.

The bill passed the House Monday night by unanimous vote. Representative Sharon Steckman of Mason City was an enthusiastic supporter.

In 2011, police shut down at least three lemonade stands in Coralville the kids didn’t get a permit or undergo a health inspection to run a food stand on the day the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa came to town. Representative Mary Mascher of Iowa City voted for the bill, but aired this concern about lemonade and food stands run by children:

In the past couple of years, lawmakers in Texas and Utah have passed laws legalizing lemonade stands set up by kids. A few cities around the country have cracked down on kids — including Girl Scouts — selling cookies. The bill passed by the Iowa House would give kids under the age of 18 a pass on having to apply for business and food permits if they sell baked goods as well as beverages.

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